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Spirit of Southeast Asia Islamic Philanthropy Movement from Yogyakarta

In current development, zakah and waqf attract serious attention from many stakeholders in Indonesia and also in the neighbouring countries as well. Many events have been organized to discuss on how to establish zakah and waqf institution that enable government to improve the welfare of the society. Similar effort has been conducted to enable zakah

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Indonesia Delegation Achieve The Best Paper of 5th SEAIIPC 2017 Malaysia

Pembentangan 75 paper dari setidaknya 5 negara Asia Tenggara dan sekitarnya mewarnai 5th Southeast Asia International Islamic Philanthropy Conference (SEAIIPC) 2017 kali ini. Setelah 4 penyelenggaran di Jakarta dan Bandung (Indonesia), maka pada 15 February yang lalu, event rutin pemerhati dan pegiat ZISWAF ini digelar di Avillion Melacca Hotel, Malaysia. Sebanyak 60 delegasi Indonesia yang

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Call of Paper 4th South East Asia International Islamic Philanthropy Conference

For the past few years, South East Asia muslim community has become the biggest potential synergy in Islamic voluntary sector, after the Middle East region. Islamic Philanthropy network and social finance between countries are expected to provide solution for socio-economic and sustainable development challenges in South East Asia, especially poverty alleviation. Continuing with synergy spirit

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